Our Principles

Relationship focused, Strengths based Practice

We believe the basis for change lies within children’s family relationships and network. Within existing networks to build resilience and capacity to resolve difficulties and end harmful behaviours. 

We value working together with children, residents local services, and partner agencies to promote safe, happy, healthy and successful future for Manchester’s children and young people and families.

Our work is informed and purposeful through the use of tools, complementary models, and research to evidence decision making and the most appropriate support and interventions.

Building on strengths and working together, with our partners, to develop empowered supportive and problem-solving networks. Through non-judgemental, respectful engagement that honours children’s families and our own experiences. 

Our Approach

Signs of Safety has been adopted by Manchester City Council Children’s Services as the overarching practice framework for all of our work with children and families. 

This purposeful and collaborative way of working recognises families strengths and expertise to develop their own solutions to promote the safety and wellbeing for children and young people. 

Signs of Safety

Practice Framework

Applying a stance of critical inquiry, asking our best questions to gain detailed, behavioural information, with examples, not making assumptions, remembering every family functions in their own, individual environment. 

Our Behaviours


& Passionate

We Work Skilfully:

Asking our best questions and taking time to listen to children, families, and partners to understand their stories.

We Work With:

Children, families, our partners, communities and each other with a shared understanding.

We Work to Strengthen:

Identifying, and building on what is working well. Validating strength and using healthy challenge.

We Work to Enable:

Using our knowledge, professional curiosity, making the best of opportunities to promote impactful change.

Our Impact

Ensure children and families are safe, can aspire, succeed, live well and grow up healthy and happy.

Goals & 


➥ For all children to have the opportunity grow up having fun, opportunities to take part in leisure and culture activities, and having good social, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

➥ To build resilience within children and families, ensuring children have a voice and opportunities to contribute in their community.

➥ Provide stability for children to allow them to have healthy, meaningful and supportive relationships, with less children living away from their families

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