Thriving Babies, Confident Parents

Two important aims of the Thriving Babies Programme are:

  • To support good or improved child attachment to birth parents.
  • To support good or improved parenting confidence and efficacy.

In support of these 2 key aims, we want to use standard measures that have been well-validated (that accurately measure what we want them to measure).

We want to measure these 2 aims at the start of an intervention (ideally in one of the first 3 visits), at mid points as well as at the end. To ensure that we don’t miss participants who drop out or for whom the intervention is shortened for any reason, we would like to measure them every 3 months. We anticipate that using the measures will assist not only in recording changes that are happening for all of the children and parents over time, but also in work with individual families, for example to help them and you as the practitioner to reflect on progress / lack of progress in key areas.

It is important that the scores are recorded accurately on the system. You do not have to do the scoring of the scales, this will be done by a researcher at a later stage. This guidance assumes that parents have joined the Programme antenatally i.e. during their pregnancy.

Pathway 1

Parents joining the Programme Antenatally

A partnership between:

In one of the first of 3 visits

Early pregnancy

After 3 months

Or toward end of antenatal period

Soon After Birth

2 - 3


3 Months Later

12 - 14


Toward end of intervention

Or 3 months later

26 - 28


Mid pregnancy

Late pregnancy






In addition to discussing the evaluation with mothers and requesting their informed consent to participate and, depending on their literacy level(s) in English, you should either ask them to complete the Maternal/Paternal Antenatal Attachment (M/PAS) questionnaire by hand themselves or ask them the questions yourself and record the answers.

Maternal Antenatal Attachment (MAAS) questionnaire

Paternal Antenatal Attachment (MAAS) questionnaire






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