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Voice of the Child

The voice of a child is golden thread of our practice. Without this, the work we do will always be lacking. A child’s voice should inform our assessments in a way that allows the reader to understand how adult behaviours impact how they are being kept safe, helping them to aspire, succeed, live well and to grow up healthy and happy. With the child’s views about what may need to change for them and how their views are considered to inform the plans we develop with families. In our planning we carry a responsibility to ensure that the child’s voice shines through in a way that allows us those involved to understand how plans and any work with the family is working or not working for them. 

There are a number of resources and practitioner tools that may be used to engage children and young people. As this page develops there will be resources for both practitioners and managers to use in their work. 

To promote the child’s voice in our work it is important every child and young person knows they are entitled to an advocate who can support them to have their wishes and feeling heard. Advocates can attend meetings with them to let others know what they want to have happen in their life. You can make a referral or they can refer themselves by contacting the free National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) helpline: 080 880 81001 or email




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