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Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2)

The Graded Care Profile 2 is the chosen tool for assessing and analysing the presence of neglect. It is a licensed tool developed through the NSPCC and as a licensed product, training is required prior to using the GCP2. 

Online training is now available with dates identified for this training. To sign up to this training please register for the “Assessing and Working with Neglect” on the Training & Learning page

The Graded Care Profile 2 is a tool designed to provide an objective measure of the care of children who are, or maybe suffering from neglect. It is primarily based on the qualitative measure of the commitment shown by parents or carers in meeting their children’s developmental needs.

The Graded Care Profile2 has been designed and developed by Dr O Prakash Srivastava a Community Paediatrician. The GCP2 is based on a children’s developmental needs perspective and seeks to measure compliance and commitment to meeting those needs.

The original GCP tool was first trialled in 1995 and showed itself to be an user-friendly tool which was reliable and could replicate scores when re-tested by practitioners. The tool has been reviewed and updated and theNSPCC undertook a national evaluation of the tool and found that it was a useful tool and suggested some modifications to enhance it. These modifications resulted in the Graded Care Profile 2.

What does the GCP2 do?

The GPC2 measures the quality of care given to an individual child over a short window of time (i.e. the current quality of care). The care given is graded between 1 (most positive) and 5 (most negative) in all areas of a child’s needs. The grades are based on the extent to which the needs of the child are currently being met and the commitment of the parent/carer to the child in relation to particular areas of care. The areas of care are based upon Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (physical care, care of safety, emotional care (love and belonging), and developmental care (care of esteem) which are then further sub-divided.

How does the GCP2 fit with Signs of Safety?

Like Signs of Safety the GCP2 uses scaling when making judgements. However, the GCP2 scaling scores slightly differently. Where Signs of Safety will judge safety on a scale of 0 - 10, with a higher scoring (judgement) indicating increased safety, the GCP2 uses a 1-5 scale. Where a score of 1 indicates a strength regarding the child’s care, and, where the higher the score indicates indicates a more worrying result in terms of neglect. 

While the scoring may be different the principle is the same. The use of the tool helps practitioners and families identify what is working well in terms of the care provided to a child while also helping to identify what worries may be presenting. 

The GCP2 is used as a tool to inform our wider assessments. The GCP2 provides practitioner and families with a picture of the care provided at the time the tool is used, and, as the developers note, it does not identify the underlying cause of any neglectful or healthy care being provided. However, the use of the tool facilitate important discussions with families about their experiences, supports available to them and complicating factors.

Developed by: Stephen Brock, M.S.W., Social Work Consultant. 

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