Assessed & Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

What is the ASYE?

An Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) for newly qualified social workers was one of 15 recommendations made by the Social Work Task Force in its 2009 Report ‘Building a safe, confident future’. The Social Work Reform Board has agreed that the ASYE should take the place of former arrangements for NQSWs from September 2012. Since then the Knowledge and Skills Statement (Child and Family Social Work, 2014) has been developed, which further guides the criteria newly qualified social workers should be assessed against. 

The ASYE is designed to help NQSWs develop their skills, knowledge and capabilities, and strengthen their professional confidence. It provides access to regular and focused support during their first year of employment. This will help develop confidence and ensure that the NQSW has the time and opportunity to reflect on their practice and personal development. 

Manchester's ASYE offer

In Manchester we offer NQSWs a protected first year in employment with increased supervision and support, a reduced caseload and access to monthly training and group supervision alongside a formal induction process. As well as a maximum of five days study leave. Each locality has a Social Work Consultant on hand to offer advice, support and guidance to support Social Workers in their roles. 

The ASYE is a holistic assessment intended to be across time as well as across the Knowledge and Skills Statement. The focus at the end of the year should be on whether, in the professional view of the assessor, the NQSW has reached the required ASYE level. At the end of the ASYE, the assessor makes a professional recommendation about the final assessment decision which is then reviewed through an internal moderation process.The newly qualified social worker (Grade 6) then progresses to a social work position (Grade 7).

The role of the ASYE assessor

This role naturally sits with the NQSW’s line manager, as they are best placed to assess their practice. It is the role of the assessor to complete the Learning Agreement, six-month review, twelve-month review and final assessment report. They should also complete at least one of the two required direct observations. 

The role of the ASYE Mentor 

The line manager should decide whether the NQSW will be linked to a mentor. The mentor should be a senior social worker on the same team as the NQSW. The mentor can complete one direct observation and contribute to the final assessment report. A mentor could be offered if the NQSW hasn’t had a statutory placement or has little statutory experience.


The ASYE offer for Frontline Practitioners 

Frontline Social Workers receive the same ASYE offer from Manchester City Council, however, will not be expected to undertake the academic assignments within the portfolio. Instead they are required to carry out two reflective pieces and a critical career reflection. This is due to Frontline practitioners undertaking a Masters dissertation within the first year of practice.

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